This package provides tools for working and testing helm charts.

This module introduces classes for handling different clusters.


This package include utilities to work with Giant Swarm application platform.

This module defines fixtures for testing Helm Charts.

  • chart_extra_info(pytestconfig) (dict(str: str)) Return an optional dict of keywords and values passed to the test using '--chart-extra-info' config option.</>
  • chart_path(pytestconfig) (str) Return a path to the chart under test (from command line argument).</>
  • chart_version(pytestconfig) (str) Return a value that needs to be used as chart version override (from command line argument).</>
  • cluster_type(pytestconfig) (str) Return a type of cluster to provide to the test environment. Currently supported values are: "existing".</>
  • kube_cluster(cluster_type, _existing_cluster_factory, _kind_cluster_factory, _giantswarm_cluster_factory) (Cluster) Return a ready Cluster object, which can already be used in test to connect to the cluster. Specific implementation used to provide the cluster depends on the '--cluster-type' command line option.</>
  • kube_config(pytestconfig) (str) Return a path to the kube.config file that points to a running cluster with app catalog platform tools already installed. Used only if --cluster-type=existing (from command line argument).</>
  • values_file_path(pytestconfig) (str) Return a path to the yaml file that needs to be used to configure chart under test (from command line argument).</>

Different utilities required over the whole testing lib.