Based on Keep a Changelog, following Semantic Versioning.



  • breaking change: all App CR related functions and fixtures that require information about the Catalog the App references need now also a new catalog_namespace parameter


  • add support for Catalog CR from Giant Swarm App Platform
  • mark AppCatalog CR related functions and classes as deprecated


  • fix docstring formatting
  • make get_app_catalog_object function public


  • added: a couple of extracted helper methods to use outside of pytest's fixture mechanism:
  • create_app
  • delete_app
  • wait_for_app_to_be_deleted
  • unified imports to absolute paths


  • fix: wait_for_deployments_to_run needs to check for availablePods as well
  • added: namespace_factory fixture you can use to create test time only namespaces
  • change: app_factory takes now one more kwarg deployment_namespace, which configures the target deployment namespace for the created App CR; in other words, the namespace where the App CR is created can be now different than the deployment_namespace where app's components are deployed
  • change: if the namespace passed as namespace argument to app_factory doesn't exist, it is automatically created using the new namespace_factory fixture


  • fix: work-around a bug in a depended lib that was making wait_for_deployments_to_run fail


  • change: app_factory_func now checks if the passed App deploys successfully. This is configured using the timeout_sec argument, which by default is equal 60. Use value 0 to disable checking if App deploys OK.
  • added:
  • wait_for_apps_to_run helper method
  • wait_for_daemon_sets_to_run helper method
  • kubectl method in kube_cluster, which allows you to make any calls using the binary kubectl
  • random_namespace fixture that creates a temporary namespace with a random name


  • added: support for namespacedConfig for App CR (app_factory_func fixture)


  • Remove any reference related to supporting multiple clusters. From now on this project always expects to get a kube.config for an already existing cluster.


  • added: include python 3.9 as a version for test running
  • changed: updated dependencies
  • removed: redundant code that was accepted in pykube-ng lib


  • added: more functions to help with handling namespaces, jobs and stateful sets.


  • fix: Don't supply port from kwargs to requests in util.proxy_http_request


  • change: use loadtest app helm chart 0.2.0


  • fix: type definitions for wait_for_namespaced_object_condition function


  • fix: fix the chart_extra_info fixture and add an example showing how to use it.


  • add: --chart-extra-info CLI option that can be used to pass arbitrary key=value maps to the test cases. Values fo the map are accessible in code as chart_extra_info fixture.


  • fix: wait_for_namespaced_objects_conditions was exiting prematurely when the objects were not yet present


  • fix plugin layout - import of fixtures
  • fix the gatling fixture
  • add more helper methods
  • wait for job / deployment
  • api proxy access

[0.1.2] 2020-07-07

  • no code changes
  • tools include pre-commit

[0.1.1] 2020-07-06

  • First release version

[0.1.0] 2020-05-03

  • Initial commit